Things You Need To Know

If you take each section of this book, within each chapter, you could use it as a day by day plan and aim to just read a section a day, let it sink in, then read the next section. If you DO work through this book using the day to day system, then you will increase your Financial Intelligence dramatically within just 90 days, especially if you take action.

But there’s nothing stopping you reading from start to finish now, to fill in all the knowledge, and then take things at your own pace afterwards. It’s your book so do what feels right.

On another point, many of the sections contain a key lesson drawn directly from the wealth of material included in The Money Gym Coaching Programmes contained within my Membership area at ClicksAndLeads.Academy. This is the first time such exclusive material has been made available in such an accessible format and at such an affordable price. So don’t let your small investment fool you into not taking action – this stuff works.


Occasionally an exercise will be suggested; I would recommend that you do the exercises as they come up, but you can also wait until the end of the module and do them all together.

Book Recommendations

As we go along, I will also include book recommendations and the most important resources available on the web today, to help you move forward in your quest for Financial Freedom.

Action Steps

I will be suggesting actions to take, which will move you forward. This book will have an effect on your thinking even if you ignore the action steps. But boy, will it have an even greater effect if you actually take them! This is what they look like and here’s your first one…


What can you do to get ready for the rest of the life-changing information in this book?

Complete this statement, ‘I will feel wealthy when…’ with as many items as you can.

Then take another piece of paper and complete this statement, ‘I ALREADY feel wealthy when…’ Again, push yourself to fill it in as many times as you can.

When you have completed this exercise congratulate yourself. You have already shown yourself to be very different from the 95% of people who read books, attend seminars and… …do nothing.

Read them again. Interesting, aren’t they? We’ll come back to those later in the book.  Keep them safe.