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Earnings Disclaimer: Now I want you to know I’m an action taker, I get up and do one thing every day to move my business forwards. The people on this page are action takers but I had no idea what their results were going to be.  I can’t guarantee what your results will be, they will probably not be the same as mine, because you might not take any action, or you might take different action. Your business might be in a different market altogether.  But I know one thing, taking action every day gives you a better chance of success!

A One Year Action Plan & Clear Sense Of My Target Market

Dr Jane P Lewis has been a Money Gym client for years, and in fact, it was Nicola's advice that enabled Jane to become financially free and follow her passion for Huna.

When Jane was ready to create a business around that, she enjoyed Nicola’s “Dinner & A Day” consultancy service in Chipping Norton where we plan your business & social media strategy for the next year.

She later went on to become a Clicks & Leads client, where we built her a digital business, with a website, products, a membership, all she needs to grow a business around her passion for Huna.  Clicks & Leads created a social media strategy and delivery plan, where Jane simply turns up and talks to camera (live or not depending on her circumstances) every week, and she ends up with a podcast episode and written, video, audio or visual content on every social media platform as required.

Find Jane and download one of her complimentary meditations at her home online

“An Extra £18k Profit
In Just 6 Weeks”

“I count myself as a serious experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur… I would estimate that, from working with Nicola, I’ve increased my asset base by well over half a million pounds and just ONE idea from Nicola one day created an extra £18,000 extra PROFIT for my partner’s business in just SIX weeks!“   Debbie Bissett

“Created A New Business From Scratch”

“Nicola created a large sum of money out of a miscellaneous assortment of previous materials and an old mailing list; we launched a new coaching programme and business in about 3 weeks flat, along with an evergreen marketing system, a strong social media presence, a brand new membership site and two new coaching programmes. She knew who to use, which software to work with, it was a fast, painless job.  

I’m so delighted, I know I can leave her to it, while concentrating on the bits I’m good at; speaking, writing and coaching.  

Chris Barrow, / / Survivor, Series 1, “The Island With Bear Grylls”


“Gives Straight Up, Hard Nosed Business Advice I Trust”

Nicola is such an incredibly awesome expert on internet marketing and wealth creation via business. She rates right up there as my favourite #1 UK female Entrepreneur for her expertise, enthusiasm and ability to stimulate action in her clients/audiences…. an outstanding and credible speaker, coach, mentor and all round great fun professional. She is one of the people I most trust to give straight-up, hard-nosed business advice or ideas when I have had challenging business questions to answer over the years. Nicola is an extremely inspiring Speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing and real-world business!  Alexis Garnaut-Miller, Executive Performance Coach & Founder, The Happiness Centre, West London.

“Made Me A Load Of Money”

nicola-bird-bw“Just wanted to give a public shout out to the fabulous Nicola Cairncross who I managed to talk into giving me an emergency 1:1 session yesterday. In one hour she has saved me a) going bald from tearing my hair out 2) a whole load of money as I am now able to measure my conversions correctly and 3) probably helped me make a whole load of future income. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nicola.” Nicola Bird, The Simplicity Project


“Offered A Deal To Work With a $23 Million Company In The First 12 Weeks Of Implementing”

Neil Asher, from Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, a large community of Amazon & Ebay store owners, kindly shares his thoughts after Nicola spoke at his 2nd Annual Conference.  Her presentation was on how to use social media to build a strong brand and “Be Everywhere Online (In Under 20 Minutes A Week)” and she shared how important it is for ecommerce entrepreneurs to build the “know, like & trust” factor using Social Media and how to do that even if you are a super busy person.

A Clear One Year Plan & The Knowledge
Of How To Execute & Delegate It!

Angela Durrant enjoyed Nicola’s “Dinner & A Day” consultancy service in Cardiff, where we first get to know each other over dinner and then plan your business & social media strategy for the next year. Find Angela at &


“A Few Thousand Quid From “How To Iron A Shirt” Video

“I don’t know if I ever told you but I went to one of your one training days and later made a few thousand quid online selling how to iron a shirt video! Awesome stuff! (in a world of not-awesome-onlineness)” Lisa Arthur

“Quadrupled My Business Within 1 Year”

One year ago I had just opened a small training venue in central London, ran two other small holistic businesses and was struggling to find clients. Now, thanks to Nicola, I am swamped with room bookings and my two other businesses are flourishing like never before. I have also learnt huge amounts from her in terms of internet marketing and property investment.  My income is far greater than ever before in my life….my income has quadrupled………..I work less, I think more and I have more free time than ever…… AND I am now living in my dream flat in central London!” What an amazing woman! Debbie Winterbourne



bernadette-red-sq“Every £1 We Spent On Facebook Using Nicola’s ClicksAndLeads Service Turned Into £3 – £5”

…”One of the best business decisions I made this year. We quickly achieved positive ROI and it’s growing all the time. I recommend Nicola to all my clients who want to get more traffic from Facebook”” Bernadatte Doyle, Online Business Coach,


 bev-blanchard“I Was Offered A 5-7 Year Contract Worth Over £100k A Year – I Feel Very Excited About The Possibilities For My Business Now”

I had been looking for the right business mentor to assist me in setting up a brand new business. Having run many businesses over the years I knew exactly what I needed from a mentor and that I required a different type of support in building a virtual online business.

Nicola & I spent a fabulous day together and I came away with clear goals and a plan of action, and I felt for the first time I was aligned and congruent with them. I knew they were achievable! I was totally inspired and couldn’t wait to get going!

Being new to internet marketing, and working with Nicola 1-2-1 enabled me to progress at a pace that worked and although learning something completely new is a challenge.  I felt well supported and not out of my depth with the technical content – at least, not too much! Nicola not only introduced me to her suppliers, but has the knowledge of internet tools to short cut the route to being successful online.  She also assisted me in recruiting a Virtual Assistant so I wasn’t struggling to do everything myself, and left my time free for doing what I do best.

Now, having secured a major contract with an ideal client, worth over £100k / $150k a year, for the next 5-7 years, with potential for more with the parent company, I feel very excited about the
possibilities for my business now. Not to mention my return on investment!  Bev Blanchard,

neil-asher-sq“The Only Person For The Job”

“…When I wanted to start a brand new digital marketing agency there was really only one person for the job. Both in terms of setting up and running the business, recruiting, supervising and motivating the team AND providing our international multi-million pound clients with world class marketing strategy, I knew I had to secure Nicola Cairncross. She has a great overview of the whole online marketing process, a deep knowledge of direct response marketing and years of experience in entrepreneurial business and the Lean principles. We are on target for our first year and we are entirely independent.” Neil Asher, CEO,


potts-back-to-back-sq“First Digital Product Sale Within A Few Short Weeks!”

‘Nicola was recommended to us by someone we know, like & respect and the experience of working with her has been everything we were led to believe it would be. She helped us with creating our onlne strategy, project managed the website, our social media setup, creation of our digital products and we made our first online sale within a few short weeks! We now have a solid online base to move forward from and build on our Amazon best-selling book, moving away from swapping time for money in the form of corporate training.’ Suzanne & Conrad Potts,

“Business Grown By 500%”

‘…the best investment in my business I have ever made. I don’t think it is a coincidence that every level of my business has sky-rocketed….grown by around 500%. I thought I was doing ‘ok’, but am now am very excited at what is actually happening and the incredible potential for the future. Nicola has opened my eyes and made me think far more broadly about the potential of marketing locally and globally’ Sarah Leather,


“New Leads On My List, More Likes On My Page”

“Wow! Just spent a few hours with Nicola Cairncross – amazing!!! Thank you so much Nicola. Facebook Ads have been a guesstimate at best up until now!! #‎excited!  UPDATE: Well! What an amazing day. Thanks to Nicola, I’ve got sorted with Facebook Ads to grow my business. Added a tracking pixel to my landing page and migrated my site to WPEngine… Got more new leads on my list and more likes on my Facebook page. Happy Days!! ” Emma Heptenstall, The Divorce Alchemist

“One Idea = Extra £12.5k Per Month!”

Just ONE idea you gave me last week has led me to set up a new business with a friend (outside what I do in the daytime) which is already generating over £12,500 per month recurring income! To say I’m getting value from working with you would be a shocking understatement…” JS, London

“Page One Of Google For Key Phrase In 1 Month”
“Hi Nicola, I just want to thank you for all your hard work, it is appreciated. This is a great leap for the Chamber in the right direction and you have been strategic in making this happen. Thank you. Tina Tilley, CEO Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce”

“No Better Teacher Or Mentor”
“As I spend most of my waking life involved with money, finance and wealth creation in some shape and form, it was inevitable really that I would eventually meet Nicola, which I did in around 2001. I am proud to say that we soon became firm friends and colleagues, co-mentors and support coaches for one another.  There is no better teacher and mentor than Nicola” C4’s Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding (from the foreword of Nicola’s book “The Money Gym”)

“Changed The Direction Of My Life”
Nicola is the person who first introduced to me the wonders of online marketing and what it could do for my life in late 2004. What she showed me changed the direction of my life. And if your business is struggling in these very trying times then her techniques could improve your success. Andy Shaw, Best Selling Author of “Your Money For Nothing & Your Property For Free”, “Creating A Bug Free Mind” and “Using A Bug Free Mind”

sarahstaar1Extra $2350 Per Month
Sarah Staar from and delighted me at the weekend by telling me I’d helped her make an extra $2350 per MONTH – she kindly gave me this testimonial… just the link  to find out how…

Sarah Staar Testimonial


chris_susan_beesley“Nicola’s Book Changed Our Lives” Chris & Susan Beesley

Another wonderful story I heard at the weekend was that of Chris & Susan Beesley – just click the link to listen….

Chris & Susan Beesley’s Testimonial

“…a powerful and prolific strategist, marketer and business builder”

“Nicola is a powerful and prolific strategist, marketer and business builder. In terms of respect and connections across the internet community in the UK and well beyond, Nicola is at the top.

On regular group and one-to-one calls, Nicola is incredibly generous with her time and always willing to share her expertise with you. What shines through immediately and enduringly are Nicola’s enthusiasm for internet marketing and her passion for helping you to succeed. She provides you with practical guidance through straightforward, personable communication. In Nicola, you have an massively accomplished teacher, coach and mentor. She has an incredible ability to simplify concepts and techniques that seem highly complex to a newbie like I was at the start – she makes sure that you get every concept. And then guides you towards the key actions that are the difference between the thinkers and the doers.

As well as providing clear instruction on what you need to think about and do, she takes time to show you her online tools and tricks. Her practical, perceptive advice and cutting edge strategies enable you to navigate rapidly through whatever phase of the cycle you and your business are in. Nicola has been an incredible help to me through various phases of setting up my online marketing business from scratch. And she has ideas – boy, does she have ideas! Joining Nicola’s mentoring programme is the best business decision I have ever made. David Hale, Wenlock Edge Marketing”

I’m now travelling the world with my husband and new baby, leading what we call the LIP Lifestyle (location independent professional) earning as we go, my husband from his Graphic Design Consultancy and me from business consultancy, coaching CHEK professionals, while developing our various internet & coaching businesses further. We have just launched my 2nd eBook “X Marks The Spot” showing other people how to do the same as us. Lea & Jonathan Woodward,

‘I knew I could learn a lot from Nicola’s practical experience and success in setting up her own businesses….generously shares her marketing expertise and gives us business advice in a way that is supportive, motivating and fun….lots of practical information and tips, helping me to focus on what’s best for my business right now. My webpage onto the front page of Google for my local area – a fantastic result!’ Lynda Adams,

Hi Nicola, Hope you’re well. It’s been a few weeks since our strategy session and I just wanted to give you a quick update. The website is all finished and I’m promoting my own strategy sessions now. I’ve joined the Chamber of Commerce, my book is under way and I’m exploring self publishing people to get it actually in print and on Amazon once it’s done. In the meantime though, I will make it available as an ebook on my site. However, I suppose the biggest news is that I’ve just had confirmation of being appointed to the board of directors for a women’s support charity in Aberdeen. Am super pleased, it’s all coming together! So, thanks again for all your help. Louise Thornton

Nicola is my mentor and pushed us to answer the questions (about who our ideal client is).When we started we said our ideal client could be anyone! Anyone is not the answer, we worked on this for a good long while and eventually came up with a profile of our ideal customer. We found our keywords, we gave away free training to get our social proof and we now have our first paying customers, who are our ideal customers.Thanks to Nicola our business has started to pay dividends. If you were to get an Internet Marketing Mentor then she really is the one to go with. Suzanne Barnett

Our 12 weeks with Nicola (her 3pm and our 7am! discussions) were the best investment in our business we have made. She has amazingly got us interested in the technical end of internet business, has given us more resources and ideas than we can keep up with, let alone implement in 12 weeks. Part I – the Blog done, Part II – the blog nearly complete and Part III – the books and membership site forthcoming.

There is already a promise we will go another round with Nicola to keep the momentum building and move our business into an international success she and we believe it can be. Any doubt to sign on to her coaching? Don’t hesitate, the woman is beyond fabulous! Dr. Toby Silverton & Dr. Bev McLagan

From only having free members in my new website, I have picked up more alternative therapy Business Mentoring clientsFrom the UK – IT Consultant for Silver Surfers, celebrity Personal Trainer, Direct Marketer. New Zealand – Nutritonist, from Australia –, Marketing Consultant. From the Czech Republic, I have almost finished my first ebook which is a major personal milestone. I am finding the whole process fascinating, and I just know the free & paid Membership will rocket over time! Alexis Garnaut-Miller

I just finished The Money Gym – I took it skiing with me and got back last night. It strikes me as a very useful book for a number of reasons.It pulls together the elements of the ‘classics’ such as Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad books and E-myth. If you haven’t read these already then it provides a great introduction to wise ways of thinking about your money and your life. It’s also astonishingly packed with comprehensive insights, nearly 200 pages worth. Talk about “Value Added”. Personally what was really generous was the amount of information given away in chapter 8 – concerning internet marketing.

I learned a shed load of new information here. I work in Universities facilitating entrepreneurship and have already started recommending the book as essential reading via an affiliate link (of course!). We had a web audit yesterday and planned out a revamp for all of them based on this chapter. What was supposed to be an hours meeting turned into the whole day – and we really reconnected with our passions for what we do. I’m aware this sounds like a cheesy endorsement but its true, you’ve totally changed the way we think about websites and my husband runs a media business!

Plus we can see the (income) possibilities now. One other thing – Nicola comes across as very personable and is not afraid to tell her personal story. It all amounts to a highly readable piece of work – a great addition to the canon of stuff already out there! Recommended. Julie Gregory

“lives it and breathes it” Nicola recently spoke at the VA conference in Milton Keynes about wealth and making money. What a great subject, what a great speaker and what an inspiration! I really can’t remember ever leaving a seminar feeling so excited or inspired! She doesn’t beat around the bush, she doesn’t need to. Not only does she know her subject, she lives and breathes it and it still gives her a kick. An infectious one too! I’ve signed up to her newsletter, and now I’m off to buy her book. Huge thanks Nicola! Kerry Anne Orr

“inspiring & knowledgeable” “ Nicola is an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker on the subject of generating wealth. Her genuine passion to help women develop financial freedom shines through and her presentation included simple, practical advice that listeners were able to take away and apply immediately. Nicola was also willing to stay around afterwards and chat to individuals about their specific issues which was valued by both them and us – that’s delivering real value as a speaker!” Sue Stockdale, Explorer & Founder of Mission Possible

“first-class speaker” Nicola spoke at an event of mine recently. She is a first-class speaker that really engages with the audience. She gave the attendees loads of ideas, is inspirational and also injected humour into her presentation. We received fantastic feedback from everyone who attended. Thank you Nicola Debbie Neville

“could have listened to Nicola all day” Nicola spoke at an event I hosted today and was fabulous. Her enthusiasm shone through every part of her presentation and she stimulated tonnes of questions which she was more than happy to field. One member of the audience said “I could have listened to Nicola all day”. Thanks a million Nicola, great job, delivered with style, wit and generosity. Simon Phillips

“she was awesome” I saw Nicola speak at Petersfield Ecademy recently and she was awesome. Her presentation was packed with practical hints tips and strategies for creating passive income. Well worth the journey and entertaining too. She certainly seems to know what she is talking about. Gavin Meikle

“hugely generous” I had heard a lot about Nicola’s expertise and everything I heard was absolutely spot on! Nicola didn’t let up …. Very perceptive, hugely generous, my pen grew hot as I scribbled a sequence of stratagems and excellent resources as Nicola generously divulged her brand of (extremely successful) internet marketing wisdom. I spent the next two days implementing a number of actions, some of which I had been aware of, but done nothing about previously. Elaine Gold

“really knows her stuff” Just spent a fantastic hour with Nicola talking Wealth Creation – she really knows her stuff and is very enthusiastic and passionate about her chosen subjects. Paul Buckley

Earnings Disclaimer: Now I want you to know I’m an action taker, I get up and do one thing every day to move my business forwards. The people on this page are action takers but I had no idea what their results were going to be.  I can’t guarantee what your results will be, they will probably not be the same as mine, because you might not take any action, or you might take different action. Your business might be in a different market altogether.  But I know one thing, taking action every day gives you a better chance of success!