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Chapter 1 | Part 2 | What Are The 4 Lanes Of The Wealth Super Highway?

A huge feeling of relief washed over me when I realised that there are just four ways to create real, lasting, sustainable wealth – a bit like the four lanes on a motorway. I’ll be going into each of the four lanes of the wealth highway in more detail later on but, for the moment, think to yourself, ‘Phew!’ that’s not too overwhelming – anyone can learn about just four things!

Those four lanes are:

  1. Property Investment (at least 10 ways to invest in property)
  2. The Stockmarket (exposure to equities in some form or other)
  3. Minding Your Own Business (even if you have a job)
  4. Profiting From Your Passion (creating passive revenue streams while you sleep)

(2017 UPDATE:  There is now a fifth asset class emerging and it’s called Crypto Currency.  The sooner you learn about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain software that underlies them, the better.  Even the little people ,can start investing in these for as little as $50 at a time.  You can start by reading this free PDF White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who invented Bitcoin back in 2008)

Each wealth creation lane has a myriad of vehicles to ride in – perhaps a pushbike will suit you better than a juggernaut initially and maybe you will want more than one vehicle in each lane!

Each vehicle will produce different results in terms of outcomes – are you looking for results while you travel (income) or slow steady travel (growth) that gets you there in the end?

We all have our preferred driving styles. Which is yours?

Decide if you are a pushbike person or a Ferrari person. Both will get you there but one will be faster. Think about which lane of the motorway you are going to drive down first – and no, you don’t have to get a vehicle on all of them to start with, but you can be aware that the more vehicles you have on each lane, the faster you will get to your destination.

So what is your destination? Where are you now? Because one thing is for sure, if you don’t know where you are now financially, you are less likely to be able to get to your destination successfully.

Because… well, think about it for a moment. If you don’t know where you are now, you are LOST, are you not?

If you are trying to get to Manchester, but you don’t know where you are starting out from, you are much less likely to get decent directions!

Now, think about how big and powerful a vehicle you would like on each lane, or whether you would feel more comfortable with a myriad of little vehicles on each lane.

What kind of a driver are you?


Welcome to The Money Gym!

My name is Nicola Cairncross and in 2003, I wrote this book to share everything I’d learned about how money works.

I’ve had some great mentors who have taught me a lot about getting out of debt, building a business, creating a passive income online, property investing and the stock market.  I’ve taught myself about internet marketing.  In fact, one of my property mentors credits me with changing his life by teaching him about selling his books online!

While I started out at age 38 completely clueless, everything’s changed for me now.  It happened really quickly too, once I started taking responsibility for my own life!

Then, In 2010, I re-wrote parts of the book to take into account the changes in the property market following the global recession and credit crunch.

It’s now time to update the Stock Market section to take Cryptocurrencies into account and also the Internet section because everything has completely changed there too.  First we saw websites and email marketing, then came blogging and social media and now, well it’s all changing again!

If you want to get invited to an exclusive webinar, where I share those exciting updates and exactly what I would do in each Wealth Highway Lane, as we used to call them, just click here, enter your details and I’ll let you know when that webinar is planned.

In the meantime, hit one of the links in the right hand column, buy the book and send me the receipt and I’ll send you a link to get the audio version completely free when it launches on Audible shortly.

My Bold Promise!

If you follow the Money Gym book (or audiobook) step by step, if you do the exercises included, if you read the books recommended and then TAKE ACTION, within 90 days you will have dramatically improved the way you think about money, interact with money, and feel about money forever.

I will go even further: If you do all this, you will also find that you will start to make more money, keep more money, make money while you sleep and make your existing money work for you. You will feel more confident about the decisions you make and feel so much happier about your financial future than you ever have before.

How can I possibly make this promise?

Because it happened to me. It’s happened to many, many Money Gym clients. And now, it could happen for you.

So let’s get started on the first chapter!