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Welcome to The Money Gym!

My name is Nicola Cairncross and in 2003, I wrote this book to share everything I’d learned about how money works.

I’ve had some great mentors who have taught me a lot about getting out of debt, building a business, creating a passive income online, property investing and the stock market.  I’ve taught myself about internet marketing.  In fact, one of my property mentors credits me with changing his life by teaching him about selling his books online!

While I started out at age 38 completely clueless, everything’s changed for me now.  It happened really quickly too, once I started taking responsibility for my own life!

Then, In 2010, I re-wrote parts of the book to take into account the changes in the property market following the global recession and credit crunch.

It’s now time to update the Stock Market section to take Cryptocurrencies into account and also the Internet section because everything has completely changed there too.  First we saw websites and email marketing, then came blogging and social media and now, well it’s all changing again!

If you want to get invited to an exclusive webinar, where I share those exciting updates and exactly what I would do in each Wealth Highway Lane, as we used to call them, just click here, enter your details and I’ll let you know when that webinar is planned.

In the meantime, hit one of the links in the right hand column, buy the book and send me the receipt and I’ll send you a link to get the audio version completely free when it launches on Audible shortly.

My Bold Promise!

If you follow the Money Gym book (or audiobook) step by step, if you do the exercises included, if you read the books recommended and then TAKE ACTION, within 90 days you will have dramatically improved the way you think about money, interact with money, and feel about money forever.

I will go even further: If you do all this, you will also find that you will start to make more money, keep more money, make money while you sleep and make your existing money work for you. You will feel more confident about the decisions you make and feel so much happier about your financial future than you ever have before.

How can I possibly make this promise?

Because it happened to me. It’s happened to many, many Money Gym clients. And now, it could happen for you.

So let’s get started on the first chapter!

So Just Who Is Nicola Cairncross?

I am a very ordinary person – a mother of two who got to the age of 38 completely clueless about money.  Thoroughly fed up with being skint all the time, I went on a quest to find out how money works, and what makes the difference between rich people and poor people and that quest led me to become a Wealth Coach working with bright, successful, professional people who want to:

  • Get control of their cashflow, get out of debt & make more money!
  • Profit from their passion and develop largely passive income
  • Make the leap to self–employed or business owner
  • Learn how to become financially secure and free of a job for everI usually do that via The Money Gym, my speaking engagements or my Internet Marketing Mentoring Programme.

    I now own & run a digital marketing agency which specialises in personal and business branding on social media and we also mentor business owners who want to learn to DIY.

    When I originally wrote this book I was working alone, but at the time of writing the second version of this book in 2010, I had two partners in The Money Gym, Judith Morgan, one of our original clients, and Steve Watson, a brilliant chef turned brilliant web designer, and who I met when he used to run my favourite restaurant and then my boutique hotel (you’ll hear more about the hotel as we go along).  Steve sadly died very suddenly of a heart attack on 12 March 2016 and I miss him terribly but I still co-host a podcast called “Own It!” with Judith.

    For many people who have read this book, joined our community, enjoyed coaching with us, or come along to our events, The Money Gym has quite literally changed their lives. It’s changed mine, beyond all recognition.

    But why should you listen to me about wealth creation at all?

    As we go through this book you will find out a bit more about my journey from that 38 year old, unable to pay the rent, with two small children and a husband who had just been made redundant.

    I was once one of those serial employees/ entrepreneurs, jumping from dead end job to failed business, back to another dead end job, always madly busy making money for other people but not quite getting there for myself.

    Since then I have owned a boutique hotel on the Sussex coast which I bought ‘no money down’ (and I don’t recommend you try that one at home children!), I had a music industry internet company ArtistManager that made me money while I sleep, I’m a property investor (having learned how to buy UK houses for £1) and as I say, I now 100% own the Money Gym and Clicks & Leads and spend most of my days living in Greece, writing, speaking on wealth creation, business success, internet marketing and entrepreneurship while continually nurturing and adding to the community of wonderful people around us.

But most of all, I can choose my working hours and have time to enjoy my children (usually taking most of the school holidays off!).

I am totally dedicated to enabling other people to undergo the same transformation I went through, by working through this book and getting support from our Money Gym community. I can teach you – in a fun, easy way – the things I have learned, and support you to make the changes that will transform your financial life.

Whatever your financial goals, this book will enable you to learn all the things you were never taught at school and create an effective way for you to become financially free.

This book came about because I wanted to reach more people with the knowledge we share in The Money Gym. While no book can entirely replace the interactive approach of coaching nor the sense of community of my programmes, it will give you a solid grounding in everything you need to know to develop greater financial intelligence. It could even make you rich – if that’s what you want.

Many people who have read this book have emailed me their stories and I love to hear from readers. You can come along and join us, commenting on any aspect of wealth creation on our blog at www.TheMoneyGym.com/blog.

I was originally going to call this book ‘Running On Empty’. For a while I thought that would make a great title because I realised a while ago, when people are operating out of a scarcity mentality, as I did for years, they think that by delaying filling up their car with petrol, they will be saving themselves money.

Not true of course, you use as much petrol as you use, and all you are achieving is stress, worrying about whether your car is going to run out of petrol and stop working. All that energy wasted! Try filling up when you are half full, (not half empty – note!) rather than when you are on the red line. It will make a difference in your life and the way you think, I guarantee it!

Then I realised that it was just too negative. And while I’m a realist, I do believe amazing things can happen when you change your mindset from ‘glass half empty’ to ‘glass half full’. So my great title had to go, and I chose something that said what it does on the tin. I’m a great believer in calling your business something that says what it does on the tin as you will find out in the internet marketing chapter ‘Profit From Your Passion’.

This is a personal workout programme that will build your financial fitness by encouraging you to take action, make things happen and test what I’m sharing first hand. I like to keep things down to earth and practical. That way you’ll be able to sort your finances out, once and for all.

I have read all the business and wealth creation books out there, and I still do, and I’ve pulled out all the good stuff, put it to the test and I only share the ‘wisdom that works’ in this book. I’ve read all this stuff so you don’t have to – but I would still recommend you do, however! You will find my recommended reading list at the end of this book.

I really hope you enjoy it and that things get as good as they can be for you as a result! I would love to know how you get on so feel free to email me at nicola [at] nicolacairncross.com.

I always found that I loved to read ‘self–help’ books but the minute I started to do the exercises, make notes in the margins, and underline things, my life started to change. It’s totally unrecognisable now.

So to make the most of this book, as you read each chapter, make notes of your desired personal action steps in the spaces provided.

I want to also encourage you to create a ‘Desired Outcome’ sheet for you to fill in before you go any further. Make a copy and take two minutes to fill it in. It should evolve as you work through the book so remember to keep it updated!

Do all this, work through the next nine modules, take some action and your financial life will begin to change for the better.

Nicola Cairncross


Introduction To Financial Intelligence

Welcome to The Money Gym community. When you decide to download this book, you will have made a great decision, one that will most probably change the way you think about, and relate to money forever!

This book, based on my Money Gym coaching programmes, workshops and training courses, will show you step by step how to build and develop your own financial intelligence. It’s focused on nine core tried and tested Wealth Creation modules:

  1. Discovery do you know where you are now?
  2. Beliefs, Behaviours & Attitudes what’s holding you back?  And where did those beliefs come from?
  3. Cashflow how it comes in, why and how it goes out
  4. Debt Busting! stop the rot and sort it forever
  5. Savings –v– Investment & Compounding why you have to know the difference & the 8th wonder of the world
  6. Equities a nice little earner on a couple of hours a year
  7. Property Investment tried and tested throughout the ages
  8. Profit from Your Passion! harness the power of the internet, make money while you sleep
  9. Mind Your Own Business! if you want to look in the mirror and see the boss

Why, you may be thinking, do I prefer to say financial intelligence rather than get rich, wealth creation or millionaire thinking? I prefer to use those words rather than anything more flamboyant, because:

  1. In the early days, many people don’t want to be wealthy or become a millionaire – that’s too big and scary!
  2. I like to teach people how to fish, slowly and surely, rather than throwing them into a big reservoir full of fish and saying ‘there you are – go get it!’

I’m going to help you develop a positive and intelligent way to think about money so that you can go forward with confidence, holding the right tools and possessing the knowledge to improve your life – and those of your family and friends – forever. With your enhanced ‘Financial Intelligence’ you get to choose what to do with it and why – rather than relying on someone else for answers.