Introduction To Financial Intelligence

Welcome to The Money Gym community. When you decide to download this book, you will have made a great decision, one that will most probably change the way you think about, and relate to money forever!

This book, based on my Money Gym coaching programmes, workshops and training courses, will show you step by step how to build and develop your own financial intelligence. It’s focused on nine core tried and tested Wealth Creation modules:

  1. Discovery do you know where you are now?
  2. Beliefs, Behaviours & Attitudes what’s holding you back?  And where did those beliefs come from?
  3. Cashflow how it comes in, why and how it goes out
  4. Debt Busting! stop the rot and sort it forever
  5. Savings –v– Investment & Compounding why you have to know the difference & the 8th wonder of the world
  6. Equities a nice little earner on a couple of hours a year
  7. Property Investment tried and tested throughout the ages
  8. Profit from Your Passion! harness the power of the internet, make money while you sleep
  9. Mind Your Own Business! if you want to look in the mirror and see the boss

Why, you may be thinking, do I prefer to say financial intelligence rather than get rich, wealth creation or millionaire thinking? I prefer to use those words rather than anything more flamboyant, because:

  1. In the early days, many people don’t want to be wealthy or become a millionaire – that’s too big and scary!
  2. I like to teach people how to fish, slowly and surely, rather than throwing them into a big reservoir full of fish and saying ‘there you are – go get it!’

I’m going to help you develop a positive and intelligent way to think about money so that you can go forward with confidence, holding the right tools and possessing the knowledge to improve your life – and those of your family and friends – forever. With your enhanced ‘Financial Intelligence’ you get to choose what to do with it and why – rather than relying on someone else for answers.