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Chapter 1 | Part 1 | Financial Discovery

Why Do We Bother With Financial Discovery? Are you one of those people who earn well but doesn’t know where your money goes every month? Perhaps you make money for your company or boss but yearn to be self–employed. Do you ever get the nagging feeling that your money should be working for you rather […]

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Things You Need To Know

If you take each section of this book, within each chapter, you could use it as a day by day plan and aim to just read a section a day, let it sink in, then read the next section. If you DO work through this book using the day to day system, then you will […]

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Welcome to The Money Gym! My name is Nicola Cairncross and in 2003, I wrote this book to share everything I’d learned about how money works. I’ve had some great mentors who have taught me a lot about getting out of debt, building a business, creating a passive income online, property investing and the stock […]

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So Just Who Is Nicola Cairncross?

I am a very ordinary person – a mother of two who got to the age of 38 completely clueless about money.  Thoroughly fed up with being skint all the time, I went on a quest to find out how money works, and what makes the difference between rich people and poor people and that […]

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Introduction To Financial Intelligence

Welcome to The Money Gym community. When you decide to download this book, you will have made a great decision, one that will most probably change the way you think about, and relate to money forever! This book, based on my Money Gym coaching programmes, workshops and training courses, will show you step by step […]

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Foreword By Gill Fielding

As I spend most of my waking life involved with money, finance and wealth creation in some shape and form, it was inevitable really that I would eventually meet Nicola, which I did in around 2001. I am proud to say that we soon became firm friends and colleagues, co-mentors and support coaches for one […]

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