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About This Book By Gill Fielding

As I spend most of my waking life involved with money, finance and wealth creation in some shape and form, it was inevitable really that I would eventually meet Nicola, which I did in around 2001. I am proud to say that we soon became firm friends and colleagues, co-mentors and support coaches for one another.

So when Nicola asked me to write the foreword to this book on the Money Gym I, of course, immediately said yes.

So I sat down to write and unusually for me I got stuck. The responsibility for writing for myself – which I do copiously every single day – is quite different to writing something for somebody else. I struggled with creating a fantastic opener – should I go for a quote from Shakespeare – or perhaps something more contemporary, surely Kiyosaki at the least?

And then it dawned on me – I should just it tell it like it is, so here goes.

This book is partly about Nicola and her journey through wealth creation but more importantly for you as a reader, this book is a template for anybody who wants to create wealth, as it takes you through all the major steps you need to follow.

I have seen many people in my wealth creating career and the vast majority of them are frightened by money and how it impacts their lives – it is the universal excuse for lack of action – what balderdash! What stops people taking action is the fear of moving out of their comfort zones combined with the lack of belief that change will produce results for them.

So to help you address that, this book will tell you the path to take and what to do, hence eliminating many of the fears and challenges you are wrestling with. You don’t have to worry about the next step, you just follow the instructions, which are a logical and gradual flow through the financial intelligence arena.

So this book is a guide, and a helper: it is a route map and an action plan; it is a work book and it is an emotional support. It ensures that you set and follow a targeted action plan which is specific and relevant to you.

Nicola is a brave and abundant woman, who has been through her own, sometimes difficult, wealth journey, but having learned the lessons herself she now gives generously of her time, beliefs and energy to me as a friend and colleague and to all who encounter her – including you! There is no better teacher and mentor than Nicola and I am sure that whatever your financial ‘challenge’ there will be some guidance in this book for you now.

With Nicola’s help, this book will help you break through some of the traditional and ‘accepted’ limitations and boundaries to financial intelligence and take you through many exciting topics such as financial flows, compounding, and investing – I am excited by that even now despite many years of financial awareness and freedom in my own life and I am envious of you if this is new to you – what a fantastic journey you have – and there is no better guide for you than this.

This book not only says you can… it shows you how!

Gill Fielding, Star of Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’

About Nicola

“I want you to picture the scene…

The three of us sat in the quiet prow of a luxury yacht looking out over Lake Las Vegas. The sun was nearly completely set now, the water was very still, the stars were just peeking out and the luxury houses were reflected on the water. The voices of the inhabitants drifted across from their gardens as they enjoyed their evening. 

I felt a moment of sheer joy, you know those moments that come to you occasionally when you are just so glad to be alive, in that moment and everything seems perfect.  In my case, I also felt deep gratitude because it had been a long, tough road to get here.

It was quiet at our end of the boat but the party inside was just getting going. We could hear the first bars of Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” and that song always got people on the dancefloor, both young and old. It had become the theme of the Mastermind over the week…

Two of us were old friends and while we lived quite close to each other in England, we rarely saw each other there, but often meeting up, on various events around the world, like this Mastermind. The third was new, a young film producer from Dublin, someone who once you met him you instantly know that you are going to know him for a long time. He’d just produced a new film that I thought could rival “The Secret” as it was both inspirational and practical, giving a blueprint for success at the end that anyone could follow.

My other companion on this balmy night, we’ll call him “A”, had been incredibly successful several times in his life and had a brain the size of Asia (along with the spreadsheets to go with it). He could literally learn how to do anything he put his mind to and become successful at it and as well as a friend, he had become a mentor to me.

We sat, sipping our perfect margaritas, created by the specialist lady mixologist, brought in especially for the occasion, a cruise party to celebrate the end of one of the most amazing Mastermind events I had ever been to.

All week we had been learning from, networking with and just “getting on down” with the most successful people in the self-help industry, attending parties and dinners, being driven around in luxury limousines and generally being entertained royally.

One night A and I had just looked at each other, laughing and saying “We’re just ordinary folks from Worthing, West Sussex, did you ever think you would be at a champagne cocktail party in Liberace’s Mansion?”. 

Another night we had all been driven into the desert, where we had partied well into the night in Bedouin tents, sitting on easy chairs on carpets next to fire pits, complete with a free bar, dune buggy racing, amazing moroccan food and a real-life camel to ride.

I’d met some incredible people at this Mastermind who had previously greatly influenced my life and business; Alex Mandossian from AskDatabase, Hypnotherapist to the stars and royalty, Marissa Peer and spiritual leader and US Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson to name a few. Some were lesser-known names to the general public, but were very successful business people in their own right like the legendary adman Joe Sugarman and Mindmovies co-founder, Glen Ledwell, not to mention Blair & Wendy Gorman, founders of Numerology.com.

I had made some great contacts, new friends and done some great business deals. I had even achieved my main goal of getting a great speaking gig to promote my product. 

Just as I was looking back on my favourite moments of the week, our new friend (let’s call him “M”) asked me “How did you first got started in this world Nicola? How did you end up here tonight?” A laughed and leaned back, getting comfortable, ready to hear the story again, a familiar one to him.

 “Well, it all started with a wedding” I said laughing, all ready to tell the tale…”Here’s how I went from Zero to Hero, then down to Zero again, then back to Hero and here!”

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