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Michelle Dale has been travelling and living abroad since 2005 when she started her virtual assistant business. She’s now CEO of  Virtual Miss Friday working in the capacity of online business consultant, helping people from all walks of life to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle though the digital programmes at TheVARoadmap.com

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Nicola: Hi, I’m Nicola Cairncross, and you’re listening to “The Money Gym” podcast, where I interview successful entrepreneurs and investors, and ask them, if they could go back in time, and give their younger selves one big tip about money, what would it be? I really hope you enjoy the show.

Michelle Dale has been traveling and living abroad since 2005. When she started her virtual assistants business. She’s now ceo of virtual Miss Friday, working in the capacity of an online business consultant, helping people from all walks of life to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle through the digital programs at at TheVARoadmap.com. She’s a go getting ambitious and experienced entrepreneur who quit her job to start her own business in 2005 at the age of 23.

Prior to establishing Virtual Miss Friday limited, Michelle spent nine years in a variety of service based businesses office manager and PA roles. She also bought and sold five properties and gained a wealth of business experience. Michelle was called upon to consult for an Australian Entrepreneur Association in an effort to develop a cutting edge program for Austria’s government in the year 2032.

In one of the weird twist of fate, when I interviewed Michelle, we worked out she might have been working in one of my local building societies when I lived in shore MBC and I was just around the corner. Now, she divides her time between Hania in Crete and Egypt with her small but growing family. Tell us more about your money and you asked us to money, you’ve obviously always had a good positive healthy attitude about earning well.

Michelle: I have to say, the less I care about money, the more I am. That is basically the crux of it. I mean, I used to obsess over money, especially working in a bank for so many years. I used to sell things also, like, you know, not just mortgages, but I used to sell insurance and life insurance and buildings and contents insurance and pensions.

I was obsessed constantly with money and things going wrong, you know, like, something’s gonna go wrong, and then you’re going to need it. A whole bunch of money and you know, you’re not going to have it. So, to go from that kind of mentality to the way I am today is kind of like, sort of a massive transformation.

But the way I see money is that it’s paper. You need money to be able to do things in life. So I basically focus on what I need to pay before and how much paper I need. Then I think about what I can do to basically get there. But I used to think that, you know, I had to control everything financially that I had to be complete control freak when it came to money, how I was going to make it where it was going to come from.

I used to sit there with my list of clients, thinking to myself right, what am I going to sell this client this month where I’m going and I would talk everything up and I will come up with a figure at the end of the month. But all I did was it blocked out every other opportunity out there that I could have got money from.

So as soon as I realized I was making this mistake that I was trying to put too much control over my financial situation. I just kind of put it out there and said, right, what I’m going to do is I’m going to create, I’m going to do the best I can, I’m going to offer the most value, and I’m going to do something good for the people, I’m going to think about other people’s lives and how I can make a difference in their lives.

From that point, once I shifted my focus, the money just started to come in, several fold what it did when I was trying to control it. So I have to say that the less not so much the less I care about it, but the less I put my emphasis on worrying about it and just expecting it to come in. Just keep creating and keep working and keep doing my thing, the easier it is for me to make it.

Now I don’t obsess over it. I always make sure that you know my family are provided for and taken care of. I put a lot of faith and trust him in my ability to be able to make it and I just kind of, you know, try and stay positive.

Nicola: No, absolutely. You’ve touched on some really important things there by focusing on the creation and the creating value for clients. Money does follow but we all spend, you know, we’re all conditioned and brought up to try and control our circumstances. Whereas, actually what happens by keeping your overhead so low and then focusing on creating value, you’re probably generating over and above what you need, which then starts to create a cushion, which then makes you feel safer. it’s just a virtuous circle, isn’t it?

Michelle: Definitely, I think a lot of people focus on lack. They focus on the lack of money and you know, and that gives you a very competitive mindset. Once you have that competitive mindset, you’re constantly focused on right this is the market and I have to get as much share of the market as I possibly can in order to survive and that’s totally not the case.

What you should be focusing on really is how you can be the best of what you can do and people will gravitate towards you because you’re putting out this sort of kind of business example a business model that you care about them that you care about their business about what’s happening with them and then those people will want you in their corner.

Whereas, if you’re saying, it’s competitive and like, I can’t give away all my secrets, because she’s gonna take my clients or, you know, they’re gonna steal my ideas and come up with something better than me, then there’s a, there’s a focus on lack and there’s a focus on abundance. If you focus on the abundance, everything else is going to fall away and things will go in your favor.

Nicola: I can always tell when I’m having a lack or scarcity kind of thought my stomach goes all tight.

Michelle: Yes.

Nicola: But when you when you’re focusing on something fun and creative and an abundant and everything is it’s like your heart expanding in your chest.

Michelle: It’s really hot. A lot of people say to me, you know, how do you not worry about you know when the bills on the mat and you don’t know how to pay it and you don’t have the money to pay it. The way I see it right is that you can sit there staring at that bill worrying about it because you don’t have the money, which isn’t going to change anything or you can put the bill to one side and think right What can I do now to bring money in.

You can start getting creative and not worrying about it. But thinking yourself about how how you’re going to make money you know, what are you going to do? What skills what talents do you have? What could you produce? What do people need? What what how could you add value to somebody else’s life today, that will actually in turn, bring that money into you so you can pay that bill so don’t sit there staring at the bill worrying about it, but it’s one side and focus on creation.

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