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An author, speaker, consultant, creator of teenology and youth media expert, Sarah Newton has shared her wisdom with millions who have tuned into her TV and Radio shows, followed her writing and listened to her thought-provoking talks.

She is obsessed with youth culture and supports organisation to understand, anticipate and prepare for the future that this generation will create.

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Nicola: Hi, I’m Nicola Cairncross, and you’re listening to “The Money Gym” podcast, where I interview successful entrepreneurs and investors, and ask them, if they could go back in time, and give their younger selves one big tip about money, what would it be? I really hope you enjoy the show.

As author, speaker, consultant, creator of teenology, and youth media expert, Sarah Newton has shared her wisdom with millions who have tuned into her TV and radio shows. Following her writing and listening to her thought provoking talks.

She is obsessed with youth culture, and supports organizations to understand, anticipate and prepare for the future that this generation will create. Sarah can often be found wearing a superhero cape talking about the Hunger Games and using the metaphor of story to get her message across. She loves heroes and heroines slaves dragons often loves cake and has a huge shoe collection.

Have you had to do with money? Are you a spender? Are you a saver and do you keep track of your cash on a weekly basis and what else do you invest in?

Sarah: Okay, I am not a great money person. I always remember going out to look for ball gown went out for our police passing out parade. Someone asked me if I was going to buy a handbag. And I said what do I need a handbag for have a map? I mean, how ridiculous.

But I have to and it’s been a long journey for me actually because I’m someone who wants to spend everything wants to buy every shiny object. It has been a really tough journey but it’s it’s many years of me figuring it out, but I’m very tight with everything now and I did have an accountant, I realized that wasn’t working for me because it was just a case of me ignoring it. So we’re all in it. So I took it all back.

So I’m very, very on top of it now and I think for me, what I realized in particular in in the coaching industry that we both started in at least, is that we can make all sorts of excuses about what is actually a money making activity. Actually, a money making activities is selling and making an offer and following up an offer or sealing the deal. When I got that clear, and thought if I’m doing anything else other than these three things, I’m lying to myself, I am not doing something to make money.

I’m very harsh with myself about that because there’s certainly other things I want to be doing that than doing all of those three things. But I got very very harsh on myself that I have to do you know, at least five money making activities a day. If I’m in the office and not out about something else, but so got very clear about that, and I am quite manage everything now only because I have to and it hasn’t been an easy journey for me. I’ve got too many books too many clothes, too many shoes.

Quite often regular self exam but you know I’m getting there and I think it is probably be the weaker part of all of I do up till now really.

Nicola: Have you had any epiphany moments around money or have you gone down reading any of the wealth creation books and if so which ones have helped? You know what’s helped shape us to your changing attitudes money?

Sarah: I think I read I’ve read everything. I think the biggest epiphany I had was very recently actually playing a cashflow 101. I have resisted that for years and Judy says that you got to come and play this. The first time I played I was petrified. Like, every time I picked up an opportunity card I was scared.

It was very, very interesting. But when I got what I needed to be doing, and suddenly I got passive income, I never got it before. I’d read books. I’d listened to every webinar out there. Everything and I didn’t really understand it. It was ridiculous. But when I played that game, I got it. Oh, now this is a game. Here’s what I’m supposed to do with my money. Why did I get it up till now? Maybe I wasn’t ready.

The second time we played it, I totally got it. Now I’ve got to do now. I think that that was a huge eye opener for me actually. Because I didn’t realize how frightened I was of any opportunity that involves money.

Nicola: Are you kinesthetic learner?

Sarah: Well, I didn’t think I was, but possibly I am, I think I need to know it. So I have to see something definitely, obviously something practical to get it and that is strange because I’ve read every single book out there and I understood it a head level.

But it was only playing it I got what passive income was and how we’re all fooling ourselves about what passive income is. Passive income isn’t always what we think it is in this sort of in our business lives, if that makes sense. So that did change me quite dramatically. I came back and I’ve got it now. I now know why I need to be doing all this.

Nicola: Well, that’s right. My coach told me to read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” for about two years before I actually picked it up and read it and when I read it, it was a complete life changing moment. I mean, who cares if it’s a true story or not, you know, it’s a way of communicating a concept. There’s change so many people’s lives and the game is I’ve got two copies of the game but it’s a battery is but I can’t get anyone to play with me right now.

But Judy, we keep referring to everyone is Judith Morgan, who was an accountant and has always been a raging entrepreneur and as work with all of us at one time or another and I’m just about starting your podcast with her which I was just telling Sarah about “Own it your business or your life” launching Christmas new year it’s going to be rocking.

She became my partner in the money gym because she was fascinated with abundance and wealth creation as I was and we had a very lively four or five years working together and and she hosts these cashflow 101 games in our little office at the bottom of my garden in London. If you go to Judith Morgan com you can get yourself booked on onto one for next year. It is an incredible game. I think you can play online as well. Sarah, I’m not sure I haven’t checked that.

Sarah: I think you can, I mean it was so interesting to me exaggerate all that we I put I put everything and I thought I understood it. It was only seen in action. I’m seeing my own reaction to it and then seeing how when I got it and when I got it, I got it. Nicola was like, well, absolutely. Just of like you are a different person, I was like I’ve got it now I know what I’m doing and then see no one else’s reactions to that.

Suddenly money became a game and whereas before it’d be like, I’ll do this, but I don’t know why I’m doing it feels really hard. So it became a game and then I don’t think I’ve ever looked back since actually, since that game and interesting enough since that game, which was maybe five weeks ago thought. I think this the month since then has been the highest grossing month I’ve had this year.

The fundamental you know, suddenly like, I’ve totally got this. I totally know where I’m going and what I need to be doing so I think that was the biggest money shift I had. I wish I deny earlier. Why did I do this five years ago but you know clearly I wasn’t in the right mindset but that did fundamentally shift because money can be really boring.

Nicola: Well, I used to think so when I talked to I’ve got I play poker on a Monday night. What came third last night in the Christmas game by the way? We pulled my money in one evening. But one of the guys is a is an independent financial advisor and I remember I used to talk to independent financial advisors and the whole painful slowness of your money appreciating it about 2% a year if you’re lucky after fees.

It put me off completely the idea of having pensions but I was talking to Phoebe about it the other night because she’s saving 50% of our income at the moment on Trust because mommy told her it’s a good idea. She’s just starting to understand what that is giving her not only is it giving her a feeling of complete abundance and invulnerability.

She’s got a big pop, packet of cash stashed away in a savings account, but it’s giving her choices about whether she wants to go travelling it means that if she gets sacked on the spur of the moment you know she’s got backup money and and so the next step now is to get her in in the idea of investing whether it’s in a self administered personal pension because of course next year we’re going to be able to buy residential property within ourself administers personal pension funds, which is a massive massive game changer for most people.

They could buy little one bedroom flats and just stick them in their pension. All the profit from the rental and appreciation will be tax free, which is just amazing. Because before you were unable to buy commercial property and that was a lot more expensive and fraught with difficulty on the on the whole getting it rented out from but you know little one bedroom flats and studios will pop into your pension quite nicely.

Sarah: I think when you look at it like a game and you can see what it’s doing for your long term. It’s is different in a kid ourselves a lot. I think in particularly if we like a solo entrepreneur and we I think we kid ourselves a lot about you know doesn’t really you know tweaking with our websites in 15 minutes time is not a money raking activity.

Nicola: What it is if you’re doing it scientifically and tracking what difference it makes but most people aren’t. Do you have any petty mean this is I will spend 2000 to 10,000 pounds on coaching mentoring and new software intuition but I hate buying new kettles. I really hated my kettle shake.

Sarah: So it is interesting to me that like electronic things actually, minus computers and I mean we have one time Italia in our home. You don’t have one because I just would probably because I don’t value the vape much either but I don’t like buying things unnecessary. I don’t like having things fixed like plumbers that I’ve always been. I like to live in my own little world where nothing breaks.

Nicola: I hate the idea of what’s it called there’s a expression for isn’t it were built in obsolescence that drives me crazy that concept.

Sarah: I’m not so great of that petrol advertisement that ridiculous but that gets me somewhere.

Nicola: I’m totally with you on that one MOT’s to get my go.

Sarah: I just want to be able to sort of all everywhere was it?

Nicola: Do you think now having had this great epiphany around money that you’re going to be investing in other things apart from your business and perhaps your house?

Sarah: Yes. I mean, I don’t quite I don’t quite know yet. I’m still sort of trying to sort of figure it out. I mean, I, for me, property still, you know, I’m going to be honest, the property thing just frightened me a bit, but I can see and I think we were talking about royalty from books being considered passive. I think that I might go down that route a bit more, but I’m still investigating all.

Nicola: Intellectual property.

Sarah: I’m not I’m not really sure but I think that my will probably be a little bit different. Because I always like to do something different. I don’t know what I’ll end up creating.

Nicola: Well you know the intellectual property is actually one of the best routes for creator stars in the wealth dynamics profile jargon to create wealth you know they’re in their flow and podcasting for me obviously is in my flow my sister’s a singer my other sister is you know looking forward to doing your own podcast as well so we’re all creative styles and and i think you probably are too I’m there’s a large chunk of mechanic in me as well which is why I love the geeky.

Sarah: The star was out of the three of them is the smaller one it me interestingly enough.

Nicola: I think because you’re so comfortable on stage and screen.

Sarah: I think that when I started my business before I did was so nice. I thought I was a star. But when I had it, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. When I looked back at look at my wealth profile, I’m a huge crater with mechanic and a tiny bit of star. So I think that You see for me when I when you’re speaking and when you’re live, you’re actually creating in the moment. Yes, it’s not about the style element. It’s about the fact that you’re creating in the moment.

Nicola: I love that I love the fact that you can do a podcast with someone and create an hour’s worth of awesome content, which we can. Actually, I should really get the hang of Google Hangouts fairly soon, because then you’re creating video content and you can strip the audio and get it transcribed to do all sorts of things with it as much more leverageable.

I love that because, yeah, a lot of introverts which creative mechanics are all very good on stage and that and that’s been a dichotomy for me to understand that, you know, how can they be so good on stage if they’re not outgoing? If they’re not extrovert.

Sarah: I definitely haven’t got the introvert bit.

Nicola: You haven’t you have because I know you. You haven’t.

Sarah: You know, ginormous extrovert probably getting a bit more introverted. You haven’t to be but I think that you know, there’s many ways to create creators don’t necessarily produce things which I think is what we’re liked to believe.

Nicola: That’s interesting. So I went to art college but I was never very good. I always thought I wasn’t very creative but now I’m actually creating stuff all over the shop. So, you too, you say you do books and all sorts. Okay, so intellectual property. Is that your way forward? Do you think well, you must dabble a little bit in property. Have you got you know, one bedroom flats and studios just stick to them? You’ll be fine.

There will go in and that night you know that I think it will come for further down the line. I just met self a little bit braver. It will definitely come now I can see why now. I’ve got it. It doesn’t feel scary or a bit scary before.

You’ve been listening to Nicola Cairncross on “The Money Gym” podcast. If you’d like to find out more about The Money Gym and how we can help you become more financially intelligent, just come on over to themoneygym.com. We’ll see you over there.

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