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Mike Stewart, speaker, musician and hardcore Beatles fan tells his story of going from Nashville songwriter to Internet Audio and Video guy and the hardest business decision he has ever had to make, right at the peak of his earnings.

We also discuss one of Mike’s clients “Hal the BugCatcher” who, by following Mike’s advice about online video, exploded his business before selling up, and who is now making a very nice living advising the bug-catching industry on how to attract more customers and explode their profits.

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Nicola: Hi, I’m Nicola Cairncross, and you’re listening to “The Money Gym” podcast, where I interview successful entrepreneurs and investors, and ask them, if they could go back in time, and give their younger selves one big tip about money, what would it be? I really hope you enjoy the show.

Mike Stewart is president and founder of Soundpages Inc., a complete multimedia production facility located in the Atlanta area of Georgia, USA. Mike has composed countless radio jingles, television scores, and produced or performed on music heard all over the world. He has worked with world famous musicians such as Tommy Roe, Joe South, The Shirelles, William Bell (Georgia Hall of Fame Recipient), Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, Bertie Higgins, and Bill Anderson: The list goes on and on of Georgia performers who’s who.

He owned and operated a recording studio for over twenty years working in all facets of digital audio and video.

In 1996, Mike became passionate about the future of the Internet and how small businesses could benefit from the web if they just understood how to make it work for their company. He saw how the broadcast of audio and video information on a website was no different than the television/radio industry he had been a part of all his life.

Since that time, he has become very successful consulting with small business owners on how to set up their worldwide TV stations and broadcast their unique marketing message to the world.

How about your business money? Well, it’s been I mean, you’ve covered it a little bit, the fact that you had to take that big leap into earning money a different way. What would you say if you could share with anyone who’s just starting out on the honors entrepreneurial journey right now? What would you say is the most important thing for them to know about your business money?

Mike: Well, number one, we were at a seminar just this past weekend. Great one called NEMS and a lot of people he goes, David Perdue, great guy. I’ll introduce you. In fact, he was on the cruise.

Nicola: He was, I think I met him one night at midnight.

Mike: But it any rate, for some reason, so many people want to do it. They want to make money online, but they’ve never made their first dollar. They get paralyzed for some reason. They just don’t finish something and try it. I’d rather you finish something and fail and at least make some money So you understand and feel it’s not just doing it, but feeling the process of having, I made a little bit of money from somebody I don’t know.

So one of the things I used to tell people is that I meet a lot of people whose centers, have you ever sold anything on eBay? And you’d be amazed how many people have never sold anything on eBay or Amazon Marketplace? So I say, get a PayPal account. Go out your garage and sell something on eBay, but go through just sell something and get money from somebody you don’t know and that should give you the fever to learn the rest.

But at the end of the day, what so many people do is they don’t finish and they don’t take action. Get a clear plan of what you’re going to do and finish it and damn well do it and if you have to go the chamber commerce and hold up a little sign and say I’ve just made an info product on how to make chocolate chip cookies, go to my chocolate chip cookies got calm and buy my ebook or whatever.

There’s Clickbank, JVZoo warrior, special offers, there’s all kinds of places that you can stick, and we call it stick your toe in the water. But think of something, I’m meeting with a guy who’s an old friend, who has a massive audience in real estate here in Atlanta and is just has no idea what to make for them. I said, boil it down to one problem that there’s some that they really need the solution to make that solution.

He was telling me this weekend, he’s a pretty well known radio personality here in Atlanta. Turns out we’re all friends and he’s got a pretty good sizable email list And he never sends him anything. He doesn’t understand the strategies of list building. He doesn’t understand any strategies. I said, I told him, I said, john, I’d give anything to have a radio show that’s on a major market radio station, and you’ve had one for 20 years.

Nicola: He’s got a platform.

Mike: But luckily enough, we’re going to partner and I’m going to help him and he’s going to help me and it’s going to turn into money.

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