Welcome to The Money Gym!

My name is Nicola Cairncross and in 2003, I wrote this book to share everything I’d learned about how money works.

I’ve had some great mentors who have taught me a lot about getting out of debt, building a business, creating a passive income online, property investing and the stock market.  I’ve taught myself about internet marketing.

While I started out at age 38 completely clueless, everything’s changed for me now.  It happened really quickly too, once I started taking responsibility for my own life!

Then, In 2010, I re-wrote parts of the book to take into account the changes in the property market.  It’s now time to rewrite the Stock Market section to take Cryptocurrencies into account and also the Internet section because everything has completely changed there too.  First we saw websites and email marketing, then came blogging and social media and now, well it’s all changed again!

This blog is where you can find those re-writes first.  If you want to keep up to date with all new materials as I add them to this blog, just click here, download the existing book free of charge and I’ll update you every time I update this website.

My Bold Promise!

If you follow the Money Gym book step by step, if you do the exercises included, if you read the books recommended and then TAKE ACTION, within 90 days you will have dramatically improved the way you think about money, interact with money, and feel about money forever.

I will go even further: If you do all this, you will also find that you will start to make more money, keep more money, make money while you sleep and make your existing money work for you. You will feel more confident about the decisions you make and feel so much happier about your financial future than you ever have before.

How can I possibly make this promise? Because it happened to me. It’s happened to many, many Money Gym clients. And now, it could happen for you. So let’s get started on the first chapter!

Chapter 1 | Part 2 | What Are The 4 Lanes Of The Wealth Super Highway?

A huge feeling of relief washed over me when I realised that there are just four ways to create real, lasting, sustainable wealth – a bit like the four lanes on a motorway. I’ll be going into each of the four lanes of the wealth highway in more detail later on but, for the moment, think to yourself, ‘Phew!’ that’s not too overwhelming – anyone can learn about just four things!

Those four lanes are:

  1. Property Investment (at least 10 ways to invest in property)
  2. The Stockmarket (exposure to equities in some form or other)
  3. Minding Your Own Business (even if you have a job)
  4. Profiting From Your Passion (creating passive revenue streams while you sleep)

(2017 UPDATE:  There is now a fifth asset class emerging and it’s called Crypto Currency.  The sooner you learn about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain software that underlies them, the better.  Even the little people ,can start investing in these for as little as $50 at a time.  You can start by reading this free PDF White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who invented Bitcoin back in 2008)

Each wealth creation lane has a myriad of vehicles to ride in – perhaps a pushbike will suit you better than a juggernaut initially and maybe you will want more than one vehicle in each lane!

Each vehicle will produce different results in terms of outcomes – are you looking for results while you travel (income) or slow steady travel (growth) that gets you there in the end?

We all have our preferred driving styles. Which is yours?

Decide if you are a pushbike person or a Ferrari person. Both will get you there but one will be faster. Think about which lane of the motorway you are going to drive down first – and no, you don’t have to get a vehicle on all of them to start with, but you can be aware that the more vehicles you have on each lane, the faster you will get to your destination.

So what is your destination? Where are you now? Because one thing is for sure, if you don’t know where you are now financially, you are less likely to be able to get to your destination successfully.

Because… well, think about it for a moment. If you don’t know where you are now, you are LOST, are you not?

If you are trying to get to Manchester, but you don’t know where you are starting out from, you are much less likely to get decent directions!

Now, think about how big and powerful a vehicle you would like on each lane, or whether you would feel more comfortable with a myriad of little vehicles on each lane.

What kind of a driver are you?

Chapter 1 | Part 1 | Financial Discovery

Why Do We Bother With Financial Discovery?

Are you one of those people who earn well but doesn’t know where your money goes every month? Perhaps you make money for your company or boss but yearn to be self–employed. Do you ever get the nagging feeling that your money should be working for you rather than you always having to work for your money?

You’re not alone!

That was me in 1998, just a few years ago. I used to gaze at my wage slip willing it to change, willing the net sum earned to get bigger, as if by magic and willpower and wishing I could MAKE it grow. I sensed that there was more to this ‘money business’ than met the eye. It was almost as if there was a secret key, that I didn’t have, to unlock the answers to money management and wealth creation.

So… would you like the good news or the bad news first?

The good news is that people who can ‘handle money’ have access to a few key pieces of knowledge that many people will never know. Perhaps they learned these tricks from a family member, taught themselves, or just ‘knew it in their bones’. However they came by it doesn’t matter; you’re going to learn their tricks too.

The bad news? There’s no secret key or magic wand.

Sorry. You will have to stop waiting for that knight in shining armour, windfall or lottery win. If you really want things to change for the better, you will have to take some action and, little by little, start to change your beliefs, behaviours and attitudes around money.


The first important thing is to find out where you are now with your finances.  You also need to dig deep and find your motivation. You can pay any number of experts to help you out, but at the end of the day, it’s down to you. No–one will EVER care as much about your financial well– being as you do.

Just think about how it would feel to:

  • Work just because you want to
  • Make confident financial decisions
  • Never have to answer to anyone againHow great would it be to:
  • Listen to the news knowing that you are unlikely to be affected by redundancy
  • Make life choices based on other criteria than whether you can ‘afford’ it
  • Feel strong and supported with a financial cushion behind you
  • Give back to your community in some way and make a difference



    Write down how you would like to be living your life, on a Tuesday in two, five and ten year’s time. Write down where you are, who you are with and what you are doing from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed. Is it compelling enough yet?

    If not, go back to it again and again and build a vivid and specific scene. See your life when you are a success, feel how you feel, smell the smells and specifically, feel the emotions, the joy, the happiness and above all, the gratitude.

    Here are some questions to get you started:

    • Where do you live?
    • What do you live in?
    • Who are your friends?
    • What hobbies do you have and how often do you do them?
    • What do you do for personal fulfilment?
    • Describe your relationship with your significant other / children.How much time you spend together and what do you do together?
    • How many hours a day do you work?
    • When do you work?
    • What do you do when you are working?
    • What are you responsible for?
    • What are your clients / customers like?
      • Describe your work environment
      • Talk about your team (nobody makes it alone by the way)
      • What about what you do makes you proud?
      • What time do you wake up?
      • How, where, what and with who do you spend the morning?
      • How, where, what and with who do you spend the afternoon?
      • How, where, what and with who do you spend the evening?TIP: If you struggle with this exercise, one of the most important in the book, it sometimes helps to reverse the questions and start with what you don’t want!


Thinking of skipping this exercise? That’s the first hurdle most people fall at.

Many people read all the books and attend all the courses yet they never take action and wonder why things are just the same. The first step to taking action in the big wide world is to do the exercises in this book.

So, if you think that this step is pie in the sky and can be bypassed, be warned; if you can’t be bothered to do this properly, you will probably never be able to create financial abundance for yourself.

Successful people take the time to create powerful visions for themselves. It makes the goal setting so much more fun and takes away the need for ‘self–discipline’.

‘Once you define your ideal day, you’ll immediately find being more aware of your priorities puts things in perspective. Focusing on a brighter future, like your ideal life, pulls you towards it. Focusing on an ideal future relaxes the mind and helps you to respond correctly (not react) to whatever situations come your way’

Rich Schefren ‘Your Business Blueprint’ www.StrategicProfits.com

Things You Need To Know

If you take each section of this book, within each chapter, you could use it as a day by day plan and aim to just read a section a day, let it sink in, then read the next section. If you DO work through this book using the day to day system, then you will increase your Financial Intelligence dramatically within just 90 days, especially if you take action.

But there’s nothing stopping you reading from start to finish now, to fill in all the knowledge, and then take things at your own pace afterwards. It’s your book so do what feels right.

On another point, many of the sections contain a key lesson drawn directly from the wealth of material included in The Money Gym Coaching Programmes contained within my Membership area at ClicksAndLeads.Academy. This is the first time such exclusive material has been made available in such an accessible format and at such an affordable price. So don’t let your small investment fool you into not taking action – this stuff works.


Occasionally an exercise will be suggested; I would recommend that you do the exercises as they come up, but you can also wait until the end of the module and do them all together.

Book Recommendations

As we go along, I will also include book recommendations and the most important resources available on the web today, to help you move forward in your quest for Financial Freedom.

Action Steps

I will be suggesting actions to take, which will move you forward. This book will have an effect on your thinking even if you ignore the action steps. But boy, will it have an even greater effect if you actually take them! This is what they look like and here’s your first one…


What can you do to get ready for the rest of the life-changing information in this book?

Complete this statement, ‘I will feel wealthy when…’ with as many items as you can.

Then take another piece of paper and complete this statement, ‘I ALREADY feel wealthy when…’ Again, push yourself to fill it in as many times as you can.

When you have completed this exercise congratulate yourself. You have already shown yourself to be very different from the 95% of people who read books, attend seminars and… …do nothing.

Read them again. Interesting, aren’t they? We’ll come back to those later in the book.  Keep them safe.

So Just Who Is Nicola Cairncross?

I am a very ordinary person – a mother of two who got to the age of 38 completely clueless about money.  Thoroughly fed up with being skint all the time, I went on a quest to find out how money works, and what makes the difference between rich people and poor people and that quest led me to become a Wealth Coach working with bright, successful, professional people who want to:

  • Get control of their cashflow, get out of debt & make more money!
  • Profit from their passion and develop largely passive income
  • Make the leap to self–employed or business owner
  • Learn how to become financially secure and free of a job for everI usually do that via The Money Gym, my speaking engagements or my Internet Marketing Mentoring Programme.

    I now own & run a digital marketing agency which specialises in personal and business branding on social media and we also mentor business owners who want to learn to DIY.

    When I originally wrote this book I was working alone, but at the time of writing the second version of this book in 2010, I had two partners in The Money Gym, Judith Morgan, one of our original clients, and Steve Watson, a brilliant chef turned brilliant web designer, and who I met when he used to run my favourite restaurant and then my boutique hotel (you’ll hear more about the hotel as we go along).  Steve sadly died very suddenly of a heart attack on 12 March 2016 and I miss him terribly but I still co-host a podcast called “Own It!” with Judith.

    For many people who have read this book, joined our community, enjoyed coaching with us, or come along to our events, The Money Gym has quite literally changed their lives. It’s changed mine, beyond all recognition.

    But why should you listen to me about wealth creation at all?

    As we go through this book you will find out a bit more about my journey from that 38 year old, unable to pay the rent, with two small children and a husband who had just been made redundant.

    I was once one of those serial employees/ entrepreneurs, jumping from dead end job to failed business, back to another dead end job, always madly busy making money for other people but not quite getting there for myself.

    Since then I have owned a boutique hotel on the Sussex coast which I bought ‘no money down’ (and I don’t recommend you try that one at home children!), I had a music industry internet company ArtistManager that made me money while I sleep, I’m a property investor (having learned how to buy UK houses for £1) and as I say, I now 100% own the Money Gym and Clicks & Leads and spend most of my days living in Greece, writing, speaking on wealth creation, business success, internet marketing and entrepreneurship while continually nurturing and adding to the community of wonderful people around us.

But most of all, I can choose my working hours and have time to enjoy my children (usually taking most of the school holidays off!).

I am totally dedicated to enabling other people to undergo the same transformation I went through, by working through this book and getting support from our Money Gym community. I can teach you – in a fun, easy way – the things I have learned, and support you to make the changes that will transform your financial life.

Whatever your financial goals, this book will enable you to learn all the things you were never taught at school and create an effective way for you to become financially free.

This book came about because I wanted to reach more people with the knowledge we share in The Money Gym. While no book can entirely replace the interactive approach of coaching nor the sense of community of my programmes, it will give you a solid grounding in everything you need to know to develop greater financial intelligence. It could even make you rich – if that’s what you want.

Many people who have read this book have emailed me their stories and I love to hear from readers. You can come along and join us, commenting on any aspect of wealth creation on our blog at www.TheMoneyGym.com/blog.

I was originally going to call this book ‘Running On Empty’. For a while I thought that would make a great title because I realised a while ago, when people are operating out of a scarcity mentality, as I did for years, they think that by delaying filling up their car with petrol, they will be saving themselves money.

Not true of course, you use as much petrol as you use, and all you are achieving is stress, worrying about whether your car is going to run out of petrol and stop working. All that energy wasted! Try filling up when you are half full, (not half empty – note!) rather than when you are on the red line. It will make a difference in your life and the way you think, I guarantee it!

Then I realised that it was just too negative. And while I’m a realist, I do believe amazing things can happen when you change your mindset from ‘glass half empty’ to ‘glass half full’. So my great title had to go, and I chose something that said what it does on the tin. I’m a great believer in calling your business something that says what it does on the tin as you will find out in the internet marketing chapter ‘Profit From Your Passion’.

This is a personal workout programme that will build your financial fitness by encouraging you to take action, make things happen and test what I’m sharing first hand. I like to keep things down to earth and practical. That way you’ll be able to sort your finances out, once and for all.

I have read all the business and wealth creation books out there, and I still do, and I’ve pulled out all the good stuff, put it to the test and I only share the ‘wisdom that works’ in this book. I’ve read all this stuff so you don’t have to – but I would still recommend you do, however! You will find my recommended reading list at the end of this book.

I really hope you enjoy it and that things get as good as they can be for you as a result! I would love to know how you get on so feel free to email me at nicola [at] nicolacairncross.com.

I always found that I loved to read ‘self–help’ books but the minute I started to do the exercises, make notes in the margins, and underline things, my life started to change. It’s totally unrecognisable now.

So to make the most of this book, as you read each chapter, make notes of your desired personal action steps in the spaces provided.

I want to also encourage you to create a ‘Desired Outcome’ sheet for you to fill in before you go any further. Make a copy and take two minutes to fill it in. It should evolve as you work through the book so remember to keep it updated!

Do all this, work through the next nine modules, take some action and your financial life will begin to change for the better.

Nicola Cairncross


Introduction To Financial Intelligence

Welcome to The Money Gym community. When you decide to download this book, you will have made a great decision, one that will most probably change the way you think about, and relate to money forever!

This book, based on my Money Gym coaching programmes, workshops and training courses, will show you step by step how to build and develop your own financial intelligence. It’s focused on nine core tried and tested Wealth Creation modules:

  1. Discovery do you know where you are now?
  2. Beliefs, Behaviours & Attitudes what’s holding you back?  And where did those beliefs come from?
  3. Cashflow how it comes in, why and how it goes out
  4. Debt Busting! stop the rot and sort it forever
  5. Savings –v– Investment & Compounding why you have to know the difference & the 8th wonder of the world
  6. Equities a nice little earner on a couple of hours a year
  7. Property Investment tried and tested throughout the ages
  8. Profit from Your Passion! harness the power of the internet, make money while you sleep
  9. Mind Your Own Business! if you want to look in the mirror and see the boss

Why, you may be thinking, do I prefer to say financial intelligence rather than get rich, wealth creation or millionaire thinking? I prefer to use those words rather than anything more flamboyant, because:

  1. In the early days, many people don’t want to be wealthy or become a millionaire – that’s too big and scary!
  2. I like to teach people how to fish, slowly and surely, rather than throwing them into a big reservoir full of fish and saying ‘there you are – go get it!’

I’m going to help you develop a positive and intelligent way to think about money so that you can go forward with confidence, holding the right tools and possessing the knowledge to improve your life – and those of your family and friends – forever. With your enhanced ‘Financial Intelligence’ you get to choose what to do with it and why – rather than relying on someone else for answers.

Foreword By Gill Fielding

As I spend most of my waking life involved with money, finance and wealth creation in some shape and form, it was inevitable really that I would eventually meet Nicola, which I did in around 2001. I am proud to say that we soon became firm friends and colleagues, co-mentors and support coaches for one another.

So when Nicola asked me to write the foreword to this book on the Money Gym I, of course, immediately said yes.

So I sat down to write and unusually for me I got stuck. The responsibility for writing for myself – which I do copiously every single day – is quite different to writing something for somebody else. I struggled with creating a fantastic opener – should I go for a quote from Shakespeare – or perhaps something more contemporary, surely Kiyosaki at the least?

And then it dawned on me – I should just it tell it like it is, so here goes.

This book is partly about Nicola and her journey through wealth creation but more importantly for you as a reader, this book is a template for anybody who wants to create wealth, as it takes you through all the major steps you need to follow.

I have seen many people in my wealth creating career and the vast majority of them are frightened by money and how it impacts their lives – it is the universal excuse for lack of action – what balderdash! What stops people taking action is the fear of moving out of their comfort zones combined with the lack of belief that change will produce results for them.

So to help you address that, this book will tell you the path to take and what to do, hence eliminating many of the fears and challenges you are wrestling with. You don’t have to worry about the next step, you just follow the instructions, which are a logical and gradual flow through the financial intelligence arena.

So this book is a guide, and a helper: it is a route map and an action plan; it is a work book and it is an emotional support. It ensures that you set and follow a targeted action plan which is specific and relevant to you.

Nicola is a brave and abundant woman, who has been through her own, sometimes difficult, wealth journey, but having learned the lessons herself she now gives generously of her time, beliefs and energy to me as a friend and colleague and to all who encounter her – including you! There is no better teacher and mentor than Nicola and I am sure that whatever your financial ‘challenge’ there will be some guidance in this book for you now.

With Nicola’s help, this book will help you break through some of the traditional and ‘accepted’ limitations and boundaries to financial intelligence and take you through many exciting topics such as financial flows, compounding, and investing – I am excited by that even now despite many years of financial awareness and freedom in my own life and I am envious of you if this is new to you – what a fantastic journey you have – and there is no better guide for you than this.

This book not only says you can… it shows you how!

Gill Fielding, Star of Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’